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Jharkhand Gramin Bank Recruitment Jobs


Inculcating Banking Habits Among Villagers With Jharkhand Gramin Bank With Job Prospects

Passing of the Regional Rural Bank Act of 1976, by the Indian Government, led to a renewed vigour among the villagers as they could now have banking and credit facilities near to their native locations. According to the act, regional rural banks or gramin banks were supposed to be established in different parts of the country, to make banking accessible to the poorer sections of the society. As a result, a large number of gramin banks came up in the coming years and started catering to the requirements of the customers.

  • JGB aiding with banking facilities

It was a consequence of such an act that there was the creation of the Jharkhand Gramin Bank, which brought together, four different regional rural banks in the state. JGB came into force in June 2006, when there was merger of Singhbhum Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Ranchi Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Giridih Kshetriya Gramin Bank and Hazaribag Kshetriya Gramin Bank, sponsored by the Union Bank of India. As the Jharkhand Gramin Bank came into force, dreams of millions of farmers and small scale entrepreneurs saw the light of the day and went on to fulfil their dreams. Head office of the JGB was located in Ranchi and this bank catered to about 15 of the 24 districts of the state. In total, there are about 224 branches of this bank in these districts, with four regional offices controlling them.

  • Variety of jobs through JGB

It was after the setting up of the Gramin banks in India that people also started having more options for banking jobs. The Jharkhand Gramin Bank was also able to recruit a large number of candidates and offered them, jobs ranging from clerks to the officers in junior, senior and middle management levels. There was also the possibility of promotions from one rank to the other, during their careers. Lot of candidates go into these positions, which offers good pay packets and other facilities as in the nationalised and scheduled banks of India.

  • IBPS CWE for job opportunities – Recruitment into different positions in Jharkhand Gramin Bank is possible nowadays with the constitution of the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection or IBPS. This is the body, which has been specially constituted for carrying out the banking recruitments in various nationalised banks of the country.

From time to time, recruitment advertisements are given out by the IBPS for Common Written Exams for RRBs in the ranks of clerks and officers. Before 2011, when the IBPS was given the charge, recruitments into the Jharkhand Gramin Bank were conducted by the bank itself.

From 2011, interested candidates can appear in the written exams of CWE by IBPS. They are then provided with their Total Weighted Score or TWS, which will allow them to appear in the interviews conducted by JGB, whenever the vacancy advertisements are published.

In recent years, Jharkhand Gramin Bank has been able to create a well established network of banking facilities in the villages of the state. Agriculture farmers, labourers, artisans, small entrepreneurs and other poorer sections of the villages can now obtain deposit schemes and loans from these Gramin bank branches in their respective villages. Additionally, plenty of people are also finding jobs in good positions with good pay packages, if they are able to score through the written exams conducted by IBPS.

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