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Kalinga Gramya Bank Recruitment Jobs


Finding Best Opportunities In Jobs At Kalinga Gramya Bank For Career Avenues

Banking and credit facilities were extended to hundreds of thousands of poor people living in villages by the setting up of gramin banks in India, after the year 1976. In this year, the 1976 Act of Regional Rural Banks was passed, which promulgated the establishment of RRBs in different villages of many states of India. Under the act, villagers would be able to avail banking services in different aspects of loan, deposits, credit facilities and so on. As the larger banks didn’t find it profitable to enter into the village bastion, these RRBs were a great help. Most of these RRBs were required to be sponsored by the scheduled banks of the country and the state and central government. As a result, capital backing of the gramin banks was sufficient to provide credit facilities to the poorer sections in the villages.

  • Start of Kalinga Gramya Bank and merger

As an after effect of the 1976 Act of RRBs, there were a few gramin banks established in the state of Odisha. Kalinga Gramya Bank was one of these banks, which catered to 3 districts of Cuttack, Kendrapara and Balasore. More than 100 villages in these three districts had branches of KGB and millions of villagers were having the direct advantage from these bank branches. It was a boon for the villagers involved in agriculture activities, small scale industrial activities and those in poorer sections of the society. They could now avail loan and credit facilities and deposit their money for the best utilisation of the Gramin banks. In the year 2012, in the last quarter, the supporting bank of KGB, the UCO bank went for a merger of this RRB with two other RRBs, Neelanchal Gramya Bank and Baitarani Gramya Bank, belonging to Indian Overseas Bank and Bank of India respectively. Together, all the three banks will be known by the name of Odisha Gramya Bank and will have more than 480 branches and 15 districts covered under it.

  • KGB as the best option through plethora of posts

In the Kalinga Gramya Bank, lots of job opportunities are present. It is up to the interested candidates to look out for the job vacancies and accordingly apply for the given posts. Candidates can be recruited as officers in junior, senior and middle level management scale I. This will be a great opportunity for them to get into coveted bank jobs in scheduled and nationalised banks of the country. There are also positions of clerks which are advertised from time to time. After being selected in certain positions, candidates can go for joining these jobs in KGB and secure a bright future for them.

  • Banking recruitments through IBPS – Till the time Kalinga Gramya Bank was a single entity and catered to the regions of Cuttack, Balasore and Kendrapara, it was having its recruitment drive on its own. Officers and clerical level recruitments were carried out by the bank through written exams. Since the introduction of IBPS or Institute of Banking Personnel Selection as the organisation responsible for banking selection processes, Kalinga Gramya Bank and the present single entity of Odisha Gramya Bank will recruit candidates through the IBPS Common Written Exam for RRBs. Through this selection process, candidates will have to appear in the IBPS CWE and then receive their Total Weighted Scores. When there is a recruitment offer from Odisha Gramya Bank, interested candidates with TWS more than cut off will have to submit their applications and appear for interviews by the banks.

Kalinga Gramya Bank was formed with the intention of providing financial independence to the poor villagers in the coastal region of Odisha. After its setting up, plenty of villagers could go to the banks and seek deposit accounts as well as ask for loans. To provide such facilities to the customers, the Gramin bank needs competent and skilled people, who can manage the day to day affairs of the bank and provide the necessary services to the poor natives of the villages.

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